Great Web 2.0 resources



  • Kerpoof!for elementary school. Kids love it. Teacher accounts and lesson plans, too.
  • ABCya ABCya! Animate is the best way for kids to make animations on the web. The new version features a colorful and intuitive interface, 100 frames, grouping, arranging and over 100 images.
  • FluxTime Studio for elementary or middle to learn animation. Fun and easy.
  • Digital Films is more advanced. Choose a background scene, characters, animated actions, dialog,introduction, and ending credits.
  • Xtranormal for older students-can create more advanced speaking animations.
  • Do Ink fun animation tool for the ipad


  • ArtSnacks For any teacher who wants to let kids draw while learning aligned curriculum concepts in science, writing and more.
  • Free "Graphics Generator" to make logos and website buttons; fun fonts you can download.
  • Download Comic Life (download) Any teacher who is teaching writing concepts and wants to add a creative twist
  • digimi: Create avatars.
  • gliffy You can create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans, technical drawings, and more.
  • goanimate You can create your own animated content for free. All you need is an account!
  • kerpoof create original artwork, animated movies, and stories (take the time to review how to use, some students had a problem with movies not saving)
  • sumopaint Online image editor
  • Tuxpaint Drawing program
  • TheHeroFactory Design superheroes for stories
  • Voki allows you to create personalized speaking avatars
  • Wordle A toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text. You can tweak your clouds with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes.

Audio/Sound/Music tools

  • audacity (tutorial) A tool for creating audio files that can be for local consumption or become podcasts
  • Gabcast A podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content.
  • imeeb Online music player
  • Impro-Visor Free music accompaniment software to improve improvising skills
  • itunes (download) Podcasts: (Any teacher who could use additional aligned curriculum resources in audio or video for their kids.)
  • Musescore Free music notation software
  • Pandora With Pandora you can explore this vast trove of music to your heart's content. Just drop the name of one of your favorite songs or artists into Pandora and let the Genome Project go.
  • Pear Deck
  • FreePlayMusic Free music for use in projects (favorite)
  • Filelab Online audio editor
  • Josh Woodward Creative Commons music
  • Purple Planet royalty free music
  • Freesound free music
  • Free Stock Music free production music


  • ClassKick free iPad app. Teachers create assignments, and then can see the all the iPads of their students as they are working on the assignment. Students can request help.
  • EDpuzzle "empowers teachers to make any video your lesson. Crop a video, explain it with your own voice and embed quizzes at any time." Similar to Zaption.
  • Exit Ticket "Empower Students Through Personalized LearningExitTicket’s individualized data allows students to set their own goals and direct their own learning as never before. All they need is a device that can connect to the Internet. Perfect for BYOD."
  • Flipquiz Free classroom review game for educators.
  • Gradecam Scan, Score, Asses. Not free.
  • Kahoot Online game show quiz. Grades each student. Students love this.
  • Mentimeter Pose a question to your students (or poll students), and get instant feedback with cells phones or tables. Create interactive presentations online - free and web based.
  • Pear Deck 'bring interactive, engaging slide presentations to your classroom. Real-time formative assessments and discussions enhance understanding."
  • Plickers "is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices."
  • Poll Everywhere lets you engage your audience or class in real time. Create a poll and have students answer it. Real time assessment of knowledge.
  • QuickKey "Give & Grade Quick Key Quizzes online, on a ChromeBook, or on paper using our mobile scanner. Then send the results where they need to go with just a click."
  • Quizalize Make fun games on any topic to play in class or as homework.
  • Quizbean create quizzes - free for 3 quizzes and 26 students.
  • QuizSocket lets you run a quiz in a class room in real-time. You are asking the questions either verbally, on the board or on slides, and QuizSocket collects the answers from the students.
  • Quizizz create fun multiplayer quizzes.
  • Riddle lets you create opinion polls, lists, pop quizzes, and personality tests.
  • Socrative create quick quizzes that gives percentages.
  • Testmoz Test generator. Create automatically graded online tests for free.
  • Zaption "Add images, text, and questions to any online video, creating interactive lessons that meet your learners’ needs. Share video lessons with a simple link, or embed directly in your LMS, blog, or website. Similar to EDpuzzle.
  • ZipGrade "turns your phone or tablet into an optical grading machine similar to a Scantron. It reads free-to-download answer sheets in multiple sizes. Provide instant feedback to students by grading exit tickets, quizzes, and formative assessments as soon as they finish."

Authoring/elearning tools

  • Easygenerator Easy to use WYSIWYG editor; template based eLearning authoring; adaptive courses you can build around learning objectives; publication to web, mobile or LMS; PowerPoint import; and a unique external review function.
  • JetDraft Document Suite 2008 create help and training modules in CHM, HTML, and SCORM formats using your own source documents; export of educational materials on a Web site with the support of navigation and quiz; control the look and feel of your help modules with a choice of themes, colors, and buttons; create quizzes designed to reinforce knowledge and key concepts; connect to your web server, upload and download files using the included FTP client; compile your materials to a standalone executable file, suitable for installation on the Windows platform.
  • Issu a place for collaboration where you learn and share. Izzui allows you to post your online content and presentations, invite friends to check them out and also subscribe to other people’s Izzui posts. Here you can also rate, evaluate and comment on your Izzui subscriptions and share your activities on your Facebook profile.
  • Jackdaw Professional elearning with no programming. Jackdaw moves away from the PowerPoint style designs of software such as Captivate and Articulate and produces 3D e-learning that looks and feels like real classroom training!
  • LCDS by Microsofta free tool that enables the Microsoft Learning community to create high-quality, interactive, online courses and Microsoft Silverlight Learning Snacks. The LCDS allows anyone in the Microsoft Learning community to publish e-learning courses and Learning Snacks by completing the easy-to-use LCDS forms that seamlessly generate highly customized content, interactive activities, quizzes, games, assessments, animations, demos, and other multimedia.
  • Lessonwriter teach, manage, and collaborate! Make amazing lessons and activities in moments. Organize classes, curriculum, and reports. Work with colleagues to share resources and create better lessons.
  • MOS Solo a free authoring tool for travelling author-trainers. Create local content: training, presentations, tests, surveys, etc.
  • The Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool enables content experts to easily combine video, audio, images and texts into one synchronized learning object. All assets are configured to be played back in a pre-configured order. Users do not need to perform any programming tasks, but rather going through a graphical user interface to generate the learning object.
  • Quicklessons create online course using a library of templates, animated characters, interactive games, and adding your content including PowerPoint presentations. Work in groups sharing content and reviews in real-time between content developers and subject matter experts. Develop engaging content for multiple use on multiple devices including online, offline, and mobile.
  • SmartBuilder combines the power of robust authoring tools like Flash, with a rapid development timeline. It is the only robust course authoring tool that does not require scripting. And with its intuitive point-and-click interface, SmartBuilder has a learning curve that's measured in days, versus months for Flash.
  • Ubutu Course Authoring Tool all major types of graphic, sound, and video formats optimize automatically for web delivery. A robust multimedia corporate training and development program can be up and running in 3 to 4 weeks. The authoring tool also extracts a .zip file that integrates seamlessly with any SCORM compliant LMS.


  • 81Dash a safe solution that allows students access to communicate anytime, anywhere; keeps them safe; and gives the teacher the opportunity to monitor and have full control of that chat environment.
  • Chatterous free platform for creating your own private or public chat rooms.
  • Chatzy create a free virtual room.
  • lets you create a community based on your email domain.
  • Today's Meet cool free site for backchanneling.
  • More at Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Backgrounds videos for Green Screening

Blogging, Wikis, & Websites

  • 21classes Free teacher blogs. Fee for classroom and school-wide blogs
  • Blogger (tutorial) Free blogging tool, best to start your own and learn the ins and outs first
  • Classblogmeister (Safe, moderated blogging tool for teachers) For teachers encouraging writing and feedback about writing
  • edublogs Student and teacher blogs.
  • Gabcast A podcasting and audioblogging platform that offers an easy way to create and distribute audio content.
  • Kidblog classroom blogs for elementary and middle school teachers who want to provide each student with their own, unique blog. No student email addresses necessary.
  • Wordpress Create blogs.
  • Weebly Create free websites
  • Wikispaces Create free class wikis


  • Keep, share, and discover the best of the Web using Delicious, the world's leading social bookmarking service.
  • Diigo and Delicious (Social bookmarking and Web2.0 features)
  • Educlipper free tools that allows teachers/students to desighn and curate a digital portfolio fo websites, documents, images, and videos
  • Edshelf A discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning
  • iCyte bookmarking - saves pages with highlights, tags and notes.
  • Pinterest educators pinterest for educators
  • Scoop.It!curation site
  • Sharetabs Share links as tabs.
  • StumbleUpon Suggests sites based on your interests.
  • Symbaloo Easy visual bookmarking tool. Great for using as home page in classrooms.


Chart/graph Making

Concept Mapping

  • mindmeister Mindmapping and brainstorming. Like Inspiration, but free and you can work simultaneously with others in real time, too.
  • MyWebspiration Like Inspiration, but free and you can work simultaneously with others in real time, too.
  • wallwisher Online notice board maker - make post-its, drag and drop to organize, post announcements, etc. Blocked for students.
  • **Site with great list of mindmapping tools** - this site lists 15 concept maps, mindmapping and graphic organizer tools. Way cool! Check out the comments for more!
  • Mindmu[ mindmap

Converting Tools

  • mediacoder Convert media to other formats.
  • any-video-converter: Convert video into any format.
  • any-audio-converter: Convert audio into any format.
  • mediaconverter Audio/Video Converter.
  • zamzar (Free online file conversion, turn that Youtube video into a video you can add to a powerpoint)
  • Real Player - free video downloader that also allows you to convert it to different file types; great for Flash video conversions!

Digital Portfolios/scrapbooks

  • escrapbooking This website provides specific examples and strategies for creating electronic, educational, experiential, and engaging scrapbooks!
  • Google Sites create your own website with your Google account.
  • Pathbrite "drag and drop images, videos, documents, or other digital media straight into Pathbrite. Then, resize and move the items around to your liking."
  • Seesaw "Students can “show what they know” using photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links. You can also import directly from most popular apps."
  • Silk "create interactive data visualizations, publish websites, and tell interactive stories.
  • Weebly Create a website or blog.

Digital Storytelling

  • Animoto Unlimited Videos For Educators. Enhance your digital classroom with Animoto, an ideal tool for creating videos and presentations. It takes just minutes to create a video which can bring your lessons to life. Educators can apply for a free Animoto Plus account for use in the classroom. Its powerful features can be used to create stunning presentations incorporating images, video clips, music and text.
  • Bubblr create comic strips using photos from
  • Capzles create multimedia experiences with videos, photos, music, blogs and documents.
  • Cartoonist online tool to create cartoons or personal digital stories, withf professional backgrounds, characters, props, images and text.
  • Comic Master create your own short graphic novel.
  • Domo animate Import your pictures, select a song to accompany the slideshow and you are done!
  • Generator a creative studio space, a space where you can explore the moving image, be inspired, create your own moving image works and share your creations with the Generator community. Try the Storyboard Generator and either choose a script or build your own storyboard and share it with your friends.
  • Little Bird Tales create a story using your pictures or draw online. Write the story. Narrate with your voice (optional). Easy for beginners and young students).
  • MakeBeliefsComix create your own comic strip with an easy and fun way. (one of my favorites)
  • MapSkip create stories about the places in our lives. Create a free account and to mark up places in Google Maps with your own stories and photos.
  • PhotoPeach create slideshows using your pictures and add music and text. Can add a quiz. Students can peer-review at the end.
  • PicLits creative writing site that matches beautiful images with carefully selected keywords in order to inspire you.
  • Pixton Click-n-Drag Comics™, a revolutionary new patented technology that gives anyone the power to create amazing comics on the web. From fully posable characters to dynamic panels, props, and speech bubbles, every aspect of a comic can be controlled in an intuitive click-n-drag motion. Pixton is free for fun but has paid version for Schools and Businesses.
  • Slidestory Combine sharing pictures and narration and what do you get? S
  • Smilebox create slideshows, invitations, greetings, collages, scrapbooks and photo albums right on your computer.
  • original stories for kids, read by kids. The idea behind Smories is to publishes stories for kids read by kids. Also, you will find a lot of stories in various subjects submitted by teachers and authors.
  • Storybird curate artwork from illustrators and animators around the world and inspire writers of any age to turn those images into fresh stories.
  • Voicethread Use a picture or video and have students comment or continue the story.
  • Zimmer Twins this site is devoted to kids and creative storytelling. Since 2005, the Zimmer Twins has invited children to create and share their own animated stories. It is free for Kids & Families to join, make and watch a movie and paid for Educators and Schools.
  • ZooBurst create his or her own 3D pop-up books.


  • Papyrus gives you a very simple online editing interface to create your books. Simple Online Editor. Use Drag and Drop cover designer to create beautiful cover page in minutes. Papyrus lets you create books in pdf, epub and kindle formats.

Editing and Collaboration tools

  • Annotate Online document review.
  • authorGen create rich content for sharing across platforms, from your PowerPoint presentations.
  • authorstream Share slides and presentations.
  • elluminate Learn Central offers a FREE vRoom for up to 3 people to meet online; great for sharing, planning or just collaborating; and can have a group of people in one school meet and share with 2 other groups in another school by just using the internet, a computer, projector and screen
  • Google Docs Let's you collaborate on documents in a Microsoft-like environment.
  • googletimeline
  • slideshare Share Powerpoints
  • Skype Any educator who wants to collaborate or let their students collaborate with authors, experts or other teachers and students in remote locations.
  • wiggio Makes working in groups easy. Organize your groups and create and manage chats with the group.
  • TeamTreks Teamwork adventure. $10/student/yr
  • Voicethread Create collaborative projects in which people can add voice comments to posted video, audio, pics, docs, etc.
  • GoToMeeting set up your own meeting place

E-mail sites

  • Gaggle Free filtered email for students and teachers.

Games and Quizzes


Math Resources and tools

  • DimensionM Online video games to learn math.
  • Google Sketchup Any teacher who wants to give kids a hands on experience while learning measurement, geometry concepts and creative design (download)
  • Math Lesson Creator Any teacher looking for a tool to create new math lessons
  • Math Snacks Any teacher who wants to let kids review key math concepts in a non-threatening way
  • Minyanland Game to help kids learn about money


  • ning Build your own social learning network in a few clicks. Build a site and experiment for a while before using with kids
  • Plurk A way for teachers to build their own, custom support think-tank
  • Microblogging made super simple
  • Twitter Social networking
  • Cover It Live Users can text comments from cell phone or from computer to the website during an in-person lecture for instant discussion and feedback by others
  • Create a collaborative document that numerous folks can share thought, ideas, comments on without having to login
  • wallwisher Online notice board maker - make post-its, drag and drop to organize, post announcements, etc.


  • Ipiccy - Innovative Online Photo Editor- iPiccy makes your photo awesome with many easy to use photo tools. Edit pictures, apply beautiful photo effects, add text and even paint! Enjoy free photo editing online and show your creativity with iPiccy editor! (Great replacement for Picnik!)
  • Bighugelabs (cool tools for digital photos)
  • Flickr Photo sharing.
  • Image Mosaic Generator (Recreate cool versions of pictures as mosaics)
  • Mixbook Create photo books online.
  • - free photo editing software
  • Photobucket Free photo sharing.
  • Photopeach - Create photo slideshows with captions for digital storytelling.
  • Photostory 3
  • Pics4Learning Free clipart and photographs for education.
  • Picful Free online photo editing
  • Pixlr Free online photo editing
  • Jpegmini Reduce the size of your photos by up to 5x, while keeping their original quality and jpeg format.
  • Fotobabble Photo and audio powered social media
  • photo editing made fun and easy
  • piZap photo editor -online photo editor and collage maker
  • Picjuice online photo editor
  • Wow-a-pic Professional photo editing, touch-up and restoration
  • Photoshop online online photo editing
  • Morguefile Looking for high resolution stock photos for your illustration, comp or design needs? Search morgueFile for free reference images. Yes, they're all completely free. whether you're an illustrator, art director, instructor or looking to add a defining visual to a presentation.


  • Gcast A podcasting service and the basic service is FREE. Beginning April 1, 2009, podcasting by phone will require a yearly subscription fee of $99.
  • Podbean Podcast hosting.
  • Podcast Alley Podcast hosting.
  • Podcast Pickle Podcast hosting.
  • Podomatic (A tool for creating and publishing podcasts)
  • drop.ioCreate a profile and use the call in option to have audio recorded. You can conduct conference calls too. Collect audio recordings and compile into a podcast.


  • Google Slides create a slideshow using your Google account
  • Glogsterforeducation - Online collage maker suitable for any subject. Art tools, graphics, pictures, video and audio can be inserted. Innovative, collaborative, sharing-ability. Log in to use. Also premium membership available.
  • Haiku Deck create great online presentations-not free anymore
  • Powtoon Create animated presentations
  • Prezi Zooming presentations.
  • Slide Rocket Slide Rocket has some very nice features like 3D transitions and a collaboration feature for sharing the creation process with other users.
  • Zoho show similar to google slides. Free and other pricing options

QR Code Generators

Radio and music feeds

Screen Capture

  • screencast-o-matic Screen capture that is web based. Can record longer than 30 minutes.
  • Jing Still and moving screen capture. Instant e-mail, web and IM share.
  • Screenr Create instant screencasts. Uses twitter login
  • Camstudio (favorite) free screen capture and movie creator: CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs).
  • Screencast-o-matic online screen capture


  • Celestia (free download) For any teacher who is teaching space science or the solar system and wants to engage kids
  • Stop Disasters Disaster simulation game


Text to Speech conversion

  • vozMe (Convert text to speech in a snap)



(also see Video link on navigation bar)

  • animoto (tutorial) For any teacher who wants to create of let kids create a quick video presentation. (Education account
  • any-video converter Convert videos for free.
  • camstudio Free streaming video software
  • Joost Like cable TV with some good nature and science content (teacher should preselect shows to share)
  • Hulu (Movies and video resources, should be previewed by teachers as there are mainstream titles and themes here)
  • Kick Youtube (Teachers can convert Youtube videos into videos you can use)
  • MovieClips - delivers more than 12,000 Hollywood movie clips
  • Teachertube Educational videos
  • Telavision Create a Video-Vision using photos, music, effects and transitions. Share on the web.
  • Viddler Video sharing.
  • Livestream (free video broadcasting with embeddable player and ability to use multiple camera feeds. Does provide optional application to download and stream from.
  • Youtube Video sharing.
  • Teach live and online with free, easy-to-use virtual classroom
  • U Stream Live streaming video. Great for virtual lectures!
  • WeVideo Create online videos
  • Loopster Create online videos
  • Masher Create a video by mixing together video clips, music tracks, and photos all for FREE!
  • One True Media Create a 30 second video online for free
  • Flixtime Create 60 second video online for free (similar to animoto)
  • MediacollegeFree resources for flim and digital media production
  • Clipgenerator create a photo-video slideshow with music and film sections
  • Filelab create online video
  • Stupeflix create online video
  • Creaza create online video
  • Pixorial create online video (link with Google-had problems with creating an account)
  • Popcorn video editor
  • Veengle create your own video compilations
  • One True Media Make amazing videos by mixing your photos and video with our effects, text, and music. (link with Google-had problems with creating an account)

Web Resources

  • Classroom2.0 For teachers who want to join a world-wide professional learning community
  • Raid my files! (Kevin Honeycutt's site with lots of different classroom tools)
  • Web2.0 Key Ring In Excel (To help unlock educational resources and to keep key-learning in the palm of your hand)

Website and online tools

  • Alice Computer programming in a 3D environment
  • Free and simple web application that lets you brainstorm online
  • Free, customizable flash templates to embed into blogs, wikis and websites.
  • free page for group editing simultaneously
  • Go2Web20 Web application index, you can watch for new tools here
  • NVU Web design software. Free.
  • Open Options Open Source and web base resources for teachers
  • Webnotes Annotate the web.
  • Weebly Create a free website & blog with an easy drag and drop interface
  • Zoho Notebook You can create content of type text, image, audio, video and embed content of any type from multiple applications.
  • Tiny URL Can copy and paste your long, assigned URL from a blog, wiki, or website and get a tiny, easy-to-type one instead. Blocked for students, but staff can override filter.
  • Wix Create a free website


  • PBWorks Create wikis for the classroom.
  • wetpaint Create wikis for the classroom.
  • wikispaces (favorite and free!) Create wikis for the classroom.
  • seedwiki Create a wiki.

Word Clouds

  • Wordle create word clouds from text you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently.
  • Tagxedo turns words into word clouds or shapes
  • TagCrowd is a web application for visualizing word frequencies in any text by creating what is popularly known as a word cloud, text cloud or tag cloud.
  • Word It Outt is an attractive arrangement of randomly positioned words, where the most important words are bigger than the others.
  • ToCloud is an online free word cloud generator that uses word frequency as the weight.
  • Imagechef make Word Mosaic in the shape of hearts or other symbols.
  • word clouds for kids! A word cloud is a graphical representation of word frequency.
  • Tagul features text inside text, rich fonts choice, fancy rollover effects, custom colors and shapes.
  • Imagechef-Make Word Mosaic: one color, color background choice, font choice, and shape choice
  • Visual thesaurus- is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that allows you to discover the connections between words in a visually captivating display.

Writing and History resources and tools

  • ePals (For teachers who want to encourage reading and writing while connecting their kids to kids around the world)
  • Intel Teach to the Future tools (Ranking items and provide reasoning to why, investigate relationships by comparing/contrasting, develop well reasoned arguments.)
  • noodletools The Web's most comprehensive and accurate MLA, APA, and Chicago/Turabian bibliography composer with fully-integrated note-taking.
  • free news reader and start page- really easy!
  • Story Chasers(A multi-state (and potentially multi-national) educational collaborative empowering students and teachers to responsibly record and share stories of local, regional and global interest as citizen journalists. Story Creator Any teacher who is looking for a creative way to inspire reluctant writers to create narratives
  • Visuwords (online graphical dictionary)
  • Presents "treemaps" in realtime of most popular news headlines using an algorithm. Can view treemaps by country.

Questionable sites:

WEB 2.0

Back to School With Web 2.0

Jazz Up Your Powerpoints with Alternatives

Have lots of Web 2.0 accounts and don't remember your logins?