Video Creation
  • animoto (tutorial) For any teacher who wants to create of let kids create a quick video presentation. (Education account
  • Blubbr "Create your own Trivs."
  • camstudio Free streaming video software
  • Clipgenerator create a photo-video slideshow with music and film sections
  • Creaza create online video
  • EDpuzzle Take a video (including Youtube), place stop points along the video where you ask questions, put notes, put quiz!
  • Filelab create online video
  • Loopster Create online videos
  • Masher Create a video by mixing together video clips, music tracks, and photos all for FREE!
  • One True Media Create a 30 second video online for free
  • Magisto Create videos on Android or online.
  • MediacollegeFree resources for film and digital media production
  • MovieClips - delivers more than 12,000 Hollywood movie clips
  • One True Media Make amazing videos by mixing your photos and video with our effects, text, and music. (link with Google-had problems with creating an account).
  • Pixorial create online video (link with Google-had problems with creating an account)
  • Popcorn video editor
  • Stop Frame Animator easily create stop motion video: "Pose, Capture, Animate."
  • Stupeflix create online video
  • Telavision Create a Video-Vision using photos, music, effects and transitions. Share on the web.
  • Veengle create your own video compilations
  • Viddler Video sharing
  • take notes synchronized with videos!
  • WeVideo Create online videos
  • Teach live and online with free, easy-to-use virtual classroom
  • YouTube Editoredit your youtube video online.

Video Converters

Video Sharing/Streaming

  • Hulu (Movies and video resources, should be previewed by teachers as there are mainstream titles and themes here).
  • Joost Like cable TV with some good nature and science content (teacher should pre-select shows to share)
  • Livestream (free video broadcasting with embeddable player and ability to use multiple camera feeds. Does provide optional application to download and stream from.
  • Teachem create a class and add your videos to it.
  • Teachertube Educational videos
  • Ted Ed Build a lesson around any TED-Ed Original, TED Talk or YouTube video.
  • U Stream Live streaming video. Great for virtual lectures!
  • Youtube Video sharing.