Classroom Resources and Inspiration
Find inspiration and get fresh ideas when you read these blogs.
  1. **Cool Cat Teacher Blog**. Sharing her wealth of experience, Vicki Davis writes about education, teaching in the 21st century, and technology.
  2. **Qrious**. If you are looking for new strategies and teaching tools, then be sure to give this blog a visit.
  3. **The Top 101 Websites for Teachers**. Find out about great websites just right for teachers when you read this blog.
  4. **The Fischbowl**. Find everything from technology to math to English resources and more on this blog.
  5. **Pensamientos**. Get lots of great tips and suggestions for teaching a second language in middle and high school from this Spanish teacher.
  6. **Infinite Thinking Machine**. This collaborative blog features ideas and resources on a variety of topics to help teachers with 21st century education techniques.
  7. **A Teacher's Tale**. This teacher shares tons of great ideas to bring excitement to both teaching and learning.
  8. **The Lesson Machine**. Search for resources organized by literature, media, and supplies/resources on this blog.
  9. **TeachPaperless**. Join the paperless movement in education and get ideas on ways to go paperless in the classroom.
  10. **Resources for Teachers**. Find resources for math, English, music, foreign languages, and more.

Technology in the Classroom

Whether you have already embraced technology in your classroom and want to find out more, or you are just starting out, these blogs will provide you with a wealth of information.
  1. **The Edublogger**. If you want tips for using Web 2.0 technologies and blogging in the classroom, then visit this blog.
  2. **Twenty Minutes for Tech**. Find out about how you can use technology in the classroom when you read about and listen to these podcasts.
  3. **Creating Lifelong Learners**. Read this blog to find out how to close the digital divide.
  4. **The Clever Sheep**. Rodd Lucier shares ways teachers can enhance their teaching by embracing technology.
  5. **Langwitches Blog**. This blog supplies teachers with tons of great tips and suggestions for using technology in the classroom.
  6. **iLearn Technology**. Get tips to help you integrate technology in your K-5 classroom from this technology specialist.
  7. **Jane's Pick of the Day**. Jane Hart provides a new blog post each day that features technology in the learning environment.
  8. **Free Technology for Teachers**. Read this blog to learn about free technology resources for your classroom.
  9. **Teach42**. Steve Dembo shares his thoughts on education and technology here.
  10. **My Island View**. Technology, education, reform, and more show up in these posts.

external image prek.jpgPre-K
If you work with the youngest students, then check out these blogs to see what others are doing in their Pre-K classrooms.
  1. **Inside Pre-K**. Read stories and lessons about teaching Pre-K from this teacher.
  2. **Elbows, Knees, Dreams**. Hear what this preschool teacher has to say about the joys of teaching younger students.
  3. **Preschool Playbook**. This blog is written by a veteran preschool teacher with 20 years' experience.
  4. **Teacher Tom**. Find out about all the fun this preschool teacher has with his class.
  5. **Excellence in Early Childhood Education**. Get a ton of great ideas for teaching your preschool students when you follow this blog.
  6. **Topics in Early Childhood Education**. John Funk shares his 30 years of experience in the early childhood education field.
  7. **Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds**. Learn about the fun at this school when you read these posts.
  8. **Teaching to Dream**. Learn from the experience of this preschool teacher on this blog.
  9. **Centers and Circle Time**. This blog offers great ideas and information you can use in your classroom.
  10. **preschool daze**. Read this blog, written from the director's point of view.

Science and Math
These blogs are focused on suggestions, issues, and tips for science and math teachers.
  1. **Lovely Scientist Loves Science**. Science gets a boost of fun with these blog posts.
  2. **Science Teacher**. Take science out of the classroom and into the world with this blog.
  3. **Extreme Biology!**. Learn about science from Ms. Baker and her biology students on their blog.
  4. **What It's Like on the Inside**. The Science Goddess discusses education, reform, and science–of course.
  5. **Hurricane Maine**. Read this science teacher's blog for information you can share with your students, ruminations on the future of education, and much more.
  6. **Biology in Action**. This blog provides information for high school and college biology students.
  7. **sciencegeekgirl**. From water xylophones to science communication, it's all on this blog.
  8. **Reflections of a Science Teacher**. Professional development and teaching science are often featured here.
  9. **Science for All**. Kirk Robbins promotes science literacy on his blog.
  10. **Sustainably Digital**. Ninth-grade science meets technology on this blog.
  11. **Steve Spangler Blog**. Take a look at fun science experiments from the guy who made the Mentos and soda experiment famous.
  12. **I Want to Teach Forever**. With a focus on math topics, this teacher shares great ideas and tips for the classroom.
  13. **dy/dan**. Teaching math and critical thinking are the focus of these blog posts.
  14. **Miss Calcul8**. This new teacher shares what she is doing in her math classes and how she is adjusting to teaching.
  15. **Learn Me Good**. While math gets the spotlight here, the adventures of teaching also feature highly.
external image languagearts.jpg

English & Language Arts

These bloggers share their experience with their ELA classes.
  1. **The Reading Workshop**. Mr. McGuire shares his experience and offers suggestions for teaching and learning reading.
  2. **Miller's English 10 Classroom Blog**. Visit this tenth-grade English class' blog for inspiration for your own classroom blog or great ideas to incorporate in your own teaching.
  3. **Epic Adventures are Often Uncomfortable**. Read about this English teacher and her adventures in teaching and living.
  4. **Classroom as Microcosm**. Written by a college English instructor, this blog features plenty of great information that high school English teachers can use for their classrooms.
  5. **Gently Hew Stone**. High school literature, society, and education are all discussed on this blog.
  6. **Enhanced English Teacher**. See how this English teacher incorporates technology in her classroom to create awesome lessons.

Special Education
Special ed teachers will find a ton of resources, advice, and support for working with special needs students when they read these blogs.
  1. **Teacher Sol**. Get lots of great resources as well as news, strategies, and more for the special ed classroom.
  2. **SMD Teacher**. Whether you work with students who have multiple disabilities or not, this blog has plenty to offer.
  3. **Reality 101**. Special ed teachers will find helpful information and tips on this blog.
  4. **Jerry's Special Education Blog**. From, this blog provides plenty of great advice for special ed teachers.
  5. **Lisa's Lingo**. This inclusion teacher shares her experience working with all sorts of students.
  6. **Successful Teaching**. If you are working exclusively with special ed students or are teaching in an inclusion classroom, the tips and strategies here are sure to be a benefit for you.
  7. **Teachers at Risk**. High school special ed teachers will especially appreciate the suggestions and experience of this veteran teacher.
  8. **Special Education Strategies and More…**. Learn teaching strategies that have worked for this special ed teacher on her blog.
  9. **Teach Effectively!**. For those working with at-risk or special needs students, this blog offers evidence-based teaching tips.
  10. **Special 2 me**. See what this special ed teacher has to say on her blog.

Assistive Technology

Whether you work exclusively with special needs students or teach in an inclusion classroom, these blogs have plenty of information on using assistive technology.
  1. **No Limits 2 Learning**. Learn how you can use assistive technology in the classroom when you read this blog written by an assistive technology specialist.
  2. **Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties**. If you have students with learning difficulties, then find out about technology that can help your students succeed.
  3. **Teaching All Students**. Learn about using assistive technology in the special education classroom when you read the blog posts here.
  4. **Free Resources from the Net for EVERY Learner**. This blog provides information on free tools and applications that support learning for special needs students.
  5. **The Assistive Technology Blog**. Get news and information about assistive technology for schools in this blog.
  6. **Christine Southard's Blogspot**. Christine is an inclusion teacher who writes about assistive technology.
  7. **Apace of Change**. See what this school psychologist has to say about technology and assistive technology when you read this blog.
  8. **EdTech Solutions**. This teacher writes about technology and assistive technology that can make education accessible to all students.
  9. **Thinking UDL: Universal Design for Learning**. This blogger writes about using technology as a tool to facilitate differentiation in the classroom.
external image reform.jpgReform
Stay current with the conversations about education reform taking place in the blogosphere.
  1. **On the Shoulders of Giants**. Ariel Sacks writes about working in the field of education, what types of reform are needed, and why.
  2. **Eduflack**. Examine educational trends and potential for future change here.
  3. **Flypaper**. Take a look at what is being discussed at this educational reform think tank when you take a look at this blog.
  4. **edspresso**. Read about education reform news and the accompanying editorial commentary on this blog from The Center for Education Reform.
  5. **2 cent's Worth**. David Warlick writes about bringing education into the 21st century on his popular blog that often takes readers inside conversations between other bloggers with a similar mission.
  6. **Dangerously Irrelevant**. Take a look at what Scott McLeod has to say about education reform when he touches on such topics as the future of the classroom, drop-outs, and student boredom.
  7. **Bridging Differences**. Deborah Meier and Diane Ravitch take a look at both sides of the issues surrounding education reform.
  8. **The Core Knowledge Blog**. Believing in a dynamic opportunity to learn, this foundation's blog promotes reform by highlighting issues.
  9. **Practical Theory**. Chris Lehmann highlights education reform issues in this blog.
  10. **Tuttle SVC**. Take a look at education policy and reform with an emphasis on language arts with the posts here.

News, Politics, and Policy

For those teachers who like to stay informed with what is happening in their field, these blogs will provide tons of information.
  1. **A Teacher's View**. Written by an high school English teacher, these posts provide a political look at education.
  2. **Bud the Teacher**. Keep up with education's politics and policy when you read what Bud the Teacher has to say.
  3. **I Thought a Think**. Take a look at current education policy and potential for the future here.
  4. **Right on the Left Coast: Views From a Conservative Teacher**. This conservative teacher offers his views on education and politics.
  5. **The Tempered Radical**. Education policy and politics mingle with a bit of language arts here.
  6. **This Week In Education**. Stay on top of education news with the posts on this blog from Scholastic.
  7. **Eduwonk**. Follow the posts here to read about education news, analysis, and commentary.
  8. **Politics K-12**. Michele McNeil and Alyson Klein cover education policy on this blog from Education Week.
  9. **Education Policy Blog**. These education professionals write about education policy here.
  10. **Teacher Beat**. Read about policy and politics that affect teachers and their careers when you follow the posts on this blog.
external image policy.jpg

Teaching and Professional Development
These blogs take a look at professional development or offer other teachers' perspective on teaching.
  1. **What's Working in Schools Blog**. This blog from the HOPE foundation provides professional development for teachers with posts touching on everything from technology to politics.
  2. **Teachers Teaching Teachers**. Read about and listen to these webcasts that feature teachers sharing their ideas and experience in the classroom.
  3. **It's Not all Flowers And Sausages**. This popular blog is all about seeing the humor behind the reality of teaching in a system desperately in need of repair.
  4. **So You Want To Teach?**. In his "quest for educational excellence," Joel shares some of the great parts of teaching here.
  5. **Open Education**. Take a look at some of the challenges and opportunities in the field of education when you read this blog.
  6. **Edutopia Blogs**. Education professionals write about topics such as the current state of education, ways to add life to your lessons, and how to bring character education to your school.
  7. **TLN Teacher Voices**. Explore such issues as keeping your teaching fresh, nurturing parental involvement, and promoting student confidence.
  8. **American Board for Teacher Certification Excellence**. Find out about issues in education and learn about the art of teaching.
  9. **The Education Business Blog**. Read about the business of education–with an emphasis on technology.
  10. **The Future of Education is Here**. Learn about exciting ways educators are making positive changes on education from inside the classroom and beyond.

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