Examples of students' work
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1st Grade:
This project was integrated into their class lesson on the story, The Gingerbread Man. After they read the story, the class created a gingerbread man, but he ran away. In computer class, each student learned to create a slide: put name in title area, insert a piece of clipart, and save it to the network server. Then each student narrated the slide by answering the question, “Do you think we should eat the Gingerbread Man when he returns?” Some of their answers were so funny!

Little Bird Tales
This is a great program for creating stories! It is actually a story book that you can purchase, but you can print it as a pdf, as well. The students draw a cover picture, and then on each page they can draw a picture and create their story in text and/or narration.

3rd Grade:
This project was integrated into their class on Black History Month. Each student researched a person, and wrote a report. Then they wrote a summary of the report in the first person. In Blabberize they narrated this report.

4th Grade:
Make Beliefs Comix:
The students studied Earth Day, and then created a “comix” based on what they learned.

5th Grade:
The students studied insects in science class. They took the knowledge from what they learned in class and then did further research in computer class. Requirements were: find pictures for each part of the life cycle and create a life cycle (include arrows). Find 5 “cool” or “unusual” facts about your insect (something you didn’t learn in class and that you would like to share with others). Find a Discovery Education movie about your insect, and edit it in Windows Movie Maker. Create your background, and add animation (animation optional). Must have the Title of the insect and name & HR, as well.

6th Grade:
Windows Movie Maker—video editing
The students studied weather in science. In the computer lab they downloaded a Discovery Education movie, and learned how to edit a movie, download sounds from the internet, and combine them in Windows Movie Maker. They learned to create a movie similar to the way they create a story—must have a beginning, middle, and end. The music must enhance the movie. Many students had movies that sent chills through you as you watch it!

The students in Computer class learn how to create layers in Photoshop. This is a fun project for them, and they learn that each layer is independent of each other. This is helpful for them to use for projects for other classes.

7th Grade:
The seventh grade students do a unit on Artists that encompasses Art, English, & Computers. Each student picks an artist to study. They do the research in books and online. They write a paper in English class, they create a collage in Art, and in Computer class they create a PhotoPeach that has at least 10 of the Artist’s pictures with year and title, it must have a quote either about or by the Artist, and music that enhances and sets the mood for the artist.

8th Grade:
Social media safety is an important aspect of Digital Citizenship. The students research the pros and cons of social media. Then they prepared a Prezi to include Pro or Benefits, Cons or Dangers, What to do if something bad happens, and a YouTube video that you think your classmates should see on the subject.