Digital Scrapbooking Sites
  • Cliplclip is like a big Internet scrapbook with added Web 2.0 social aspects. Sign up, add a bookmarklet to your browser, and grab a copy of the section of the page you want to keep. You can categorize your clippings by activity, such as recipes, technical tips, girls I fancy, etc. And of course, because it community driven you can tag your clips, search for ‘em and share them with your friends. It’s very new and in development, and seems to be a bit of a spam magnet at present, but none the less a promising and useful way of keeping interesting bits of web content.
  • Famento Tell your StoriesCapture your family's stories so they are never forgotten. Share your photos,save photos & videos from graduations, births, and more. Create your family tree & show future generations where they fit into their family. Create a memorial, & honor the memory of a loved one with an online tribute.
  • Jessica Sprague Use technology to beautify, enhance, record, celebrate, and tell the stories of your life.
  • Mixbook digital scrapbook Make an online scrapbook in an instant. Pick a theme, upload your photos and we can do the work for you. Choose from their growing library of stickers and backgrounds. You can pick and choose the stickers and backgrounds that will make your book special. You can even upload your own designs if you’d like.
  • Shutterfly Similar to Mixbook.
  • Smilebox Personalize a unique scrapbook design by adding photos, then embellishing and journaling to your heart's delight. Choose from 100s of scrapbook layouts in many styles. Customize with photos, journaling, embellishments.